This winter season was fantastic. I had the best time pottering about in my garden.Planting ,pruning,watering,painting the pots ,giving organic plant food.
It  was a large part of my afternoon routine with my little one.

5 Things I learn this season about my garden:
1)I needed to see healthy green leaves and flowers all the time.
I hated bare branches, empty pots.I had to grow something  green.Sprouts and herbs came  in handy.

3 plants which give quick greenness are:  sprouts,spring onions and potato shoots.


Potato plant in an old bag

2)Though I loved learning how to grow veggies,I adored sharing flower  pics and videos everywhere .






3 ) I like edibles which are quick to grow .Like herbs.Basil and cilantro  are my favourites.



4)I loved sprouting seeds and creating my own makeshift  nursery. (It’s an old container with partitions )
I actually produced baby plants from tomato and cucumber seeds I planted.


When the tomato seeds were young


Tomato plant


Aubergine plant

5)You can grow anything indoors if you have water from the aquarium and a light source.

Solution :Aquaponic sets on offer everywhere or DIY.
I have a plan to review a few of the products on offer ,if possible (few of the really great ones ship to India).

Another wonderful thing I plan to check out are the grow lights.A lot of variety.Both in price and the claims they make.Yes I am a garden doctor too.

I have been writing some pretty niche posts for healthwealthbridge blog .
This is niche too😊.I have started calling myself an urban gardener  (not just indoor gardener).

I seriously feel  India and the world needs  to embrace urban gardening  vigorously.Thats the only solution  , if we want the world to be livable for our children.

For that matter for ourselves !
For a greener world ,what have you been doing?
Comment  below to let me know.Maybe I could join you .


4 thoughts on “Urban Gardening India..story of a balcony gardener :February 2016 update

  1. I absolutely agree. So many balconies are dry and bare, why can’t we bring some greenery at home? It’s not difficult to create a small haven for life, plant and animal alike.
    My father grew a massive green space full of food and flowers in balconies, in a transferrable job. I am trying to follow in his footsteps and make him proud if I can 🙂 People like you and I should come forward to educate our communities about the benefits, the needs and the ease of having a green space no matter how small.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I totally agree with what you say.I am forever trying to inspire people around me to atleast start a garden.
      But I suppose it has to come from inside.
      But I go on trying.
      People say we are all born for a reason. I feel my mission on life is to bring back green into our live and get rid of the man made diseases due to pollution .Let me know of you ever plan something in which I can help in any way 😇

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