Lead poisoning:The slow poison

Protect  your family  from  Lead poisoning
Lead is  a very  common element in  the  earth’s
crust.It  does not however have any  role 
in  the  human  body .
Unfortunately with  industrialization
and increased  use  of  automobiles, plastic,
leaded  gasoline , batteries etc, lead  has crept
into  your groundwater.
This  same  water  when  used  to  irrigate  the  crops,
result  in high  proportion  of  lead  in  food  grains.
Your  livestock drink this water, so chicken, mutton, pork, beef, egg, milk all  are  contaminated.

Lead  unfortunately has  a one way route.
Whenever it  enters  your  body…It  stays.Gradually  building  over years.
Only  way  forward  is  to  be  aware and  make  others aware.

Lead Poisoning Sources

Leaded petrol
Lead smelting
coal combustion
Lead paints
Lead  containing  pipes,
Lead  based  solder in  water  pipes
Ceramics ; improperly  glazed
Food  can  soldering
Drinking water systems
Cosmetic and folk  remedies

How  you  can  keep  yourself

and  your  family  Safe

1) Stop  the  exposure:

The  most  important  thing  about

heavy  metal  poisoning  is  to  stop

the  chronic  exposure  through  various


2) Get  tested

A  simple  blood  test  will  help  you

decide  regarding  treatment.

3) Decrease  dietary  fat.

A  high  fat  diet  increases  the   rate

of  absorption  of  lead.

4)Increase  dietary  fibres

5) Correct  dietary  deficiency

of  iron

6)Prevent and  treat  osteoporosis.

Correct  dietary deficiency  of  calcium

7) Increase  dietary  sources

of  Vitamin B, Vitamin C ,  Vitamin E

and other dietary antioxidants

8) Avoid flaking paint  in  the


9) Regularly  clean  surfaces  and

children’s  play  area  .

10) Avoid  using  lead  containing cosmetics.

11) Open  shoes  outside  the  front  door.

Outdoor   soil  is  a  very

common  source  of  lead  indoors.

12) Choose   lead  free paint  to  paint  your


You can check  out Lead poisoning:What  you  can  do
for a  more in depth info about this environmental
problem which is slowly poisoning Us!


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