Urban Gardening India..story of a balcony gardener :February 2016 update

This winter season was fantastic. I had the best time pottering about in my garden.Planting ,pruning,watering,painting the pots ,giving organic plant food.
It  was a large part of my afternoon routine with my little one.

5 Things I learn this season about my garden:
1)I needed to see healthy green leaves and flowers all the time.
I hated bare branches, empty pots.I had to grow something  green.Sprouts and herbs came  in handy.

3 plants which give quick greenness are:  sprouts,spring onions and potato shoots.


Potato plant in an old bag

2)Though I loved learning how to grow veggies,I adored sharing flower videos everywhere

3 ) I like edibles which are quick to grow .Like herbs.Basil and cilantro  are my favourites.


4)I loved sprouting seeds and creating my own makeshift  nursery. (It’s an old container with partitions )
I actually produced baby plants from tomato and cucumber seeds I planted.


When the tomato seeds were young


Tomato plant


Aubergine plant

5)You can grow anything indoors if you have water from the aquarium and a light source.

Solution :Aquaponic sets on offer everywhere or DIY.
I have a plan to review a few of the products on offer ,if possible (few of the really great ones ship to India).

Another wonderful thing I plan to check out are the grow lights.A lot of variety.Both in price and the claims they make.Yes I am a garden doctor too.

I have been writing some pretty niche posts for healthwealthbridge blog .
This is niche too😊.I have started calling myself an urban gardener  (not just indoor gardener).

I seriously feel  India and the world needs  to embrace urban gardening  vigorously.Thats the only solution  , if we want the world to be livable for our children.

For that matter for ourselves !
For a greener world ,what have you been doing?
Comment  below to let me know.Maybe I could join you .


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