Planning for a baby :5 Tests you must do

I have always wanted to write something  about this topic, but somehow hesitated.
A very close cousin had married and had a beautiful  baby girl.
Everyone was very happy.
Celebration was in the air.
Then the horror unfolded.

The child was not growing  properly.
She was pale.
She was bleeding profusely, from minor injuries.

Several months later  she is tested and found to be suffering  from Thalassemia major!
The tragedy…

What exactly  is God’s  plan?
We want all children to have healthy ,happy lives
Why did this have to happen?

I found out that their doctor hadn’t  advised a preconception  Thalassemia  screening test.
Unfortunately  they were not informed and a child is suffering.

Everyone is trying to help .But the child still has to go through it all.

I talked to a few people and realised that shockingly atleast in India, this test is still not routinely adviced.

A totally  preventable condition made worse by what?

Is it lack of awareness?
Is it lack of empathy?
Is it the system?
Is it us?
You ,me,the government. ..

I wonder, if I would have done the test if I was not a doctor!

I wonder how many reading the post have undergone a screening  for this condition ?


Planning a Baby:5 tests you must do

With so many things which you can’t control,do remember  to share this information  , with anyone you think would be helped.


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