Watch “3 Myths About Probiotics :Busted” on YouTube

Probiotics  are getting a lot of attention.The problem  is separating the truth from the fluff.
On this video I have discussed about the 3 most common myths.

The 3 Myths I have discussed are:
1) All probiotic supplement  are the same
2) Probiotic can replace medicines
3) Probiotic yoghurt, Probiotic drinks are better than supplements because they are food right?
Watch the video and tell me what are your doubts about probiotic.
I have also discussed about Probiotic in detail here in this post .

This is my first attempt at video.Please excuse mistakes I have made.Just wanted to help people know more  about Probiotic.I know it must be boring  reading through thousand words of scientific  literature.
So small doses, in  short intervals.Till next time.
Share the video and help spread the message.

Dr.Amrita Basu


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