Have you ever wanted to just enjoy a book with your cup of tea with no other worries ?For a #booklover nothing matters when a new book is to be enjoyed .You stop hearing your hubby call ,you can’t hear the maid ringing the doorbell ,you can’t be bothered with phone calls ,you are in your own little world. Sharing my partners in crime with you for a @thewritetribe #contest #TeaWithWriteTribe

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#Tiniature curatedĀ 

Gayatri Gadre on twitter started a contest .It's a challenge of 30 days  towrite the tiniest story .#Tiniature and #Tiny stories is throwing up beautiful little nuggets every day .Mayuri ,Natasha ,Utpal ,Hiral,Dipika ,Tina and many more are participating . What about you ? Do you have  a tiny story to share ? Just use … Continue reading #Tiniature curatedĀ