The brave heart who helps nab perverts. #WATWB


The Mumbai locals (Railways) may be the lifeline for millions in the City of dreams, but they also happen  to be the bane of the lives of its travellers, especially the women. Imagine  travelling in crowded compartments, from far flung suburbs, to work and back, spending almost four hours doing so each day.

Now, add to that the everyday torture and harassment by perverts who pass lewd comments, molest, harass without a fear in the world, and no one to guard you, or assist you in fighting the rowdies off!

A nightmare, isn’t it?

Law enforcement officers often (sadly) turn a blind eye and  a deaf ear to the protests and the complaints made by some women who gather the courage to come forward. So, whom do they turn to? Or, do they go about their lives, living in fear each time they step onto the train?

Fortunately, for them…

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