Gardening in an apartment

Garden therapy…how it started
Gardening. in an apartment in India is difficult at the best of times
.Shifting locations every 3 to 4 years makes this even more difficult.Previously I had tried reading , shoping online, yakking on the phone everything to get rid of the many small, medium and large irritations of life.Then I was gifted my first houseplant …a tulsi/ basil plant .The journey started and I discovered a passion which will always make my stay in  Malda  a wonderful experience.

Baby step
My series of blog posts on my apartment garden I will  tell you about
*Why to start a garden
*how to start
*where to start
*when to start
*what to use for growing your garden
*budget friendly options
*how to grow your own herb garden/ salad garden
*container gardening

The cycle of life
Watching seeds germinate into saplings, is one of the most  satisfying  experience.Often life brings us to such crossroads where decisions are  soul crushing .Gardening in my small apartment balcony (and all available spaces:)  has made me more appreciative of the generousness of nature and how blessed we are in this beautiful world.
Green which soothes our eye and rests our soul, cloakes the plants and trees.Oxygen rich air wouldnot be possible without these wonderful  creation of God.A little care, a little green will make this Earth greener for our children.
Plant more Plants.Human life will eventually depend on plant life .Make your own oasis in the concrete jungle.Do your part and  spread the word.World will be ugly with only the grey of concrete!



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