Seasonal Cough And Cold? What To Do

 I am an ENT specialist.One if the commonest reasons people visit me is for cough and cold .

While helping people get better, I have to take care to keep my own health and immunity optimum too .

Also being a mom means I  have to be extra careful .

I do a few things to  Boost up my  immunity:


What you eat, can protect .

Viruses and bacterias have it easier, if your body’s defenses are down .

Micronutrients such as vitamin C, A, B-5, B-6, B12, and folic acid trace elements such as iron, zinc, selenium, copper, and others are essential for optimizing white blood cell production and immune function.

Infections can make the deficiencies worse by decreasing absorption, assimilation and increasing losses .A  well balanced nutritious diet helps to keep your immune function optimum.

The following are my favorite immune boosters which are packed full of nature’s vitamins and minerals.

Fruits and vegetables top the list.

I always include fruits likeApples,  Kiwi, Oranges , Aamla which are rich in Vitamins are great.

Nuts like walnuts almonds and raisins are also packed with goodness .

Include onions ,ginger,garlic and haldi they have super powers to keep you fighting fit.

Probiotics and Prebiotic also help to keep the immunity strong .

Handwashing :

Most cold viruses and bacterias  are transmitted by aerosols when someone coughs.But they can also be transmitted by direct inoculation .That’s where regular handwashing can help .

Exercise for body and mind:

The effect is two folds .Exercise releases endorphins which make you happy .But did you know these same endorphins can make your immunity stronger?

Lymphocytes one of your immune cells, have surface receptors for endorphins and enkephalins. Endorphins and enkephalins influence  immune functions such as antibody synthesis, lymphocyte proliferation, and natural killer cytotoxicity.

Rest and Sleep:

Your body needs to rest for repairing it’s internal defences .

Sleep and the circadian system are both regulators of immunological defenses.

Long term sleep  deprivation and the stress response, produces  persistent nonspecific proinflammatory cytokines.This is almost like a chronic low-grade inflammation.It also  causes immunodeficiency.This two edged effect of sleep debt can make you susceptible to cold virus .

What to do if you do catch a cold ?

Rest .This will help like nothing else.

Take steam inhalation multiple times a day.

Gargle with hypertonic  warm saline water.

Drink plenty  of fluids.

Warm chicken soup .This has been proven to have health restoring and immunity boosting property .

Get your vitamins in a pill to give your immunity superpowers .

Visit a doctor if you don’t feel well after 48 hours .

Disclaimer :These tips are meant to spread information for awareness but are not a replacement for a doctors consultation.

Originally  posted in mycity4kids


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