3 Things you should never let your children play with 

I am an ENT surgeon. Most of my emergency duties are spent removing foreign bodies put inside nose, ear or sometimes throat by children.

While things like rubber, beads, muri (puffed rice ), can be dangerous, the real danger lurks somewhere else. Button Battery

Did you know button batteries in the battery operated small toys are responsible for serious problems?

If swallowed  they can cause food pipe to perorate

When inserted in the nose can cause the destruction of the nasal cartilage and subsequent deformity.

If inside ear and there occurs a delay in removal, destruction of the eardrum and loss of hearing can occur.


These pose a great danger when they are swallowed and can cause a lot of complications even during removal.

Sharp Objects like safety pin

No mother would let their children play with safety pins. But sometimes in mindfully, they get left behind in easily accessible places.

Children being curious start playing with them.If swallowed accidentally can be life threatening.

Prevention of such accidents happening is the best way to tackle this.

Keeping child under observation while she /he plays alone or in a group is important.

Don’t keep batteries, sharp objects , magnets within their reach.

If older explain to them about the problems these things can cause.Children are smart and understand if explained in their language.

What to do in case of accidental swallowing or insertion of such objects?

  • Do not delay or attempt removal at home
  • Home removal attempt often fails and cause trauma to a child making them apprehensive. This makes the second attempt even more difficult.
  • Do not visit quacks
  • Visit your nearest hospital with ENT emergency. In the case of ear and nose ,the object may be removed with topical anesthesia. But swallowed objects need general anesthesia for removal.
  • Keep calm and keep your child calm This makes removal of foreign objects in ear and nose, easier and quicker. The sooner they are removed less is the chance of complications.

Do you have any such stories?

Let me know in the comments below.


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