5 Things that we need to teach our children

When your child cries, it breaks your heart.You want to do everything in your powers to wipe those tears and make her smile.To make those memories go away.But can you really do that?Let me rephrase.Should you do that?We know fire hurts because we have all been burnt sometimes even if it’s a small blister from the agarbatti.Life gives us lessons to learn from.So it’s important we learn from each setback.From each hurt.The good and the bad experiences both teach.The friend and the foe both help.One teaches us to what to look for in people, the other how to identify the danger signals.

Determination to never give up

Accepting that everything may not always go your way, but promising yourself that you will never stop trying.This is a promise that parents can only talk about if they themselves try .Try try and try again …maybe a different way, Self-belief but never give up.

Self-belief and faith

Self-belief and faith are the core of our existence.Your child looks into.your eyes to find the truth.If you don’t believe she can do it, self .she will not develop that inner strength.You give her that essential ingredient the makes her believe in herself. Avoid harsh words and negative criticism. I know it gets hard when you have to juggle so much.But remember you are a super woman.All moms are!

Hard work.Always working hard, but never stop having fun!

This sounds weird, but hear me out.The major problems and lifestyle disease happen due to stress.We stress about work, home, health, you, everything.But these stresses make it worse. Always have an inner dialogue.

  • Are you having fun?
  • Do you like what you do?
  • Do you feel you are helping someone?
  • Do you feel your work makes a difference?

Having a feeling of accomplishment makes us happy.But if the stress of achieving it is too high you forget the happy part.That’s why the first question.Being honest with yourself and knowing what you want, of unnecessary pain!


Being grateful and saying “thank you” opens up a lot of doors.When you are thankful for the good in your life, you invite the universe to give you more of the same.That’s why luck seems to favor the blessed.The ones who actually count their blessings.Praying to God and thankfulness are life resources for the little ones.It’s for the time’s when things seem difficult, but you need to still carry on.

Live healthy every day

If your child develops unhealthy diet and lifestyle habits then the journey can be precarious. As a family, if you live healthy, children automatically learn. Don’t expect them to eat carrots while you have pizza.Mommy, we need to catch them young, that life is hard work but a lot of fun too.A lot depends on what you do when you do and how you do it.

Mommy, we need to catch them young, that life is hard work but a lot of fun too.A lot depends on what you do when you do and how you do it.

What are you teaching your child?

Comment below to let me know, what you feel are must-have life lessons.


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