Motherhood Exposed

Motherhood exposed is an interesting theme this month .I like children. Before I became a mom I thought I would be the perfect role model to prevent this from happening to my child .

But guess what?

Motherhood is my biggest challenge .

It’s a challenge for self improvement when you don’t particularly want to improve.

It’s a challenge for discipline when you are tired .

It’s a challenge for tongue control when you just want to lash out .

It’s a challenge for what you want over what the little human needs .

It’s a challenge to remodel your dreams and aspirations so that motherhood and the life you have built up, dance together .

It’s a challenge to keep the romance alive in the marriage,when all you want to do is sleep .

It’s a challenge to travel to exotic locations because, what will baby eat ?

It’s a challenge to potty train, as no one taught this when you were in school ,college or anywhere for that matter!

It’s a challenge to feed  all the time. Too little, too much, right food and wrong food. Brain food and those improving EQ.

It’s a challenge to watch Shinchan on a loop .

It’s a challenge to find the right friends your child can hang out with (read impossible )

It’s a challenge to stop worrying even when they are 40 years old .

But Motherhood is a package deal .

With all the above,the single thing which makes it all worth it,is the LOVE .

Pure unadulterated love,  that the baby exudes every moment of every day .

The innocent smile ,the tear filled eyes when you leave home for work.

In a world full of masks and half hearted relationships, motherhood wins the prize .

Each time .

Every time.

So it’s okay.

If you are not perfect .

It’s okay if you need a break .

It’s okay if you are not doing everything the supermom next door is doing .

It’s okay if you don’t make all your meals from scratch .

It’s okay if you couldn’t breastfeed .

It’s okay if you have to work .

It’s okay if you give up your career because you want to stay with your kids .

It’s okay whatever you decide .

Because you are the best mommy that your child can have .

Whatever you or don’t do will be a signal for them to learn and do more .

Motherhood is a fun adventure. Disney world and monster world together .

The trick is to stay afloat and continue to swim !What helps you to keep swimming? Write in the comments below! 


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