Self motivation :Monday blues

Do you have Monday blues?

I also have Tuesday blues.

It’s only from Wednesday that I cam appreciate  other colours.

What’s the one thing you can do Monday morning to make your blues go away?

I look at my plants.The fishes in my aquarium.


Think there’s only 5 more days to the weekend.

Plan something fun for the evening.

Count my blessings.

Does all this work.

Maybe not alone.

But together they work.

I am reading How to Win friends and Influence  people by Dale Carnegie and wondering why this is  not a part of our school syllabus.



Things I am up to  this month:

643953 was my global alexa rank for my blog on 31st August

449707 was my rank on 17 th of September  .

  • Reading 3 books 2 nonfiction &1 fiction
  • Researching digital products
  • Exercising as a daily goal
  • Practicing kindness
  • Writing about mompreneurs who inspire and Pat Flynn’s Free Ebook “Email the Smart Way


I am reading ,doing,learning  .What are you upto this month?


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