Why is conversion important?

Why  are Indians called Intolerant  when ?inter religion love marriages, have a strict condition of nikaah   and conversion  because of “social  pressure” ?

Strange Q right!
But a topic troubling  us  for sometime

It’s interesting  nobody discusses these issues because its”love”?

But what kind of love demands you  disregard   the people who have been with you through thick and thin?

Family is not important  .
Religion is obviously  not important.
(That is not important  for  the majority,right! )

Your self esteem is not important.

What’s important is the religious sensibility of one section of society.

But in a wonderful  country like India when a Hindu family agrees to a marriage  with a Muslim family …only to hear CONVERSION IS A MUST!

Seriously who is intolerant,UnIndian?

If religion doesn’t matter,if love has no religion why do you even need conversion.

Educated  people highly qualified  and respected and sharing opinions about various topics .

Anybody has a solution to this problem?

When you talk about topics like these it makes you terribly unpopular.

But it’s an interesting  question that’s bothering me.
Why people have to convert?
Why it’s important?

What kind of love makes you lie to your old parents and all your family and deceive them systematically?

What kind of life do you expect  if you are ready to trample and hurt all the people who care for you?

Somebody explain  why this is a good thing.
I really can’t understand@


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