Do You Love The Home You Have?

Do you Love your Home?

The Inspired room was probably one of the first blogs I started reading before discovering the blogging world.Totally different from my niche, but somehow it inspired me not only to make my rented apartment a home and haven but also set me blogging.I created my own balcony garden where I have flowers, green chillies, tomatoes all growing out of re purposed  pots and containers

Love The Home You Have
Love The Home You Have

I  wanted to start an aquarium, but I was afraid of all the detailed monitoring that went into it.So I gave up following the hardcore aquarium lovers and did just what made my fishes happy and kept me Sane! Home should first be your sanctuary and then only can you showcase it to reflect your personality.

Always being content where you are in your life would probably paralyze growth .But some amount of peace , contentment in your home life is necessary for you to truly do your best and excel.Personal life satisfaction reflects in  your behaviour, choices and decisions.

If you have read Think And Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill, then this book by Melissa will strike a cord.It’s all in the Mind! What we can or can’t do, what makes us contented and happy is ultimately a choice.

Having a perfect home isn’t a dream anymore! Make your current house your cocoon of happiness, make it your home.

I received this book for review few days back while going through some serious self pity.Reading the first few chapters was like eating was that good without the calories!

Gratitude is a little appreciated emotion and that’ s why in today’s world we lack contentment.The book made me realise exactly how blessed I was and not being grateful for it is truly stupid.

I have read 70 pages of this book . Every time I turn a page  I realise that life truly is a journey and you have to enjoy and appreciate every experience .

Change is the Only constant
Change is the Only constant


If you love your home read this book, it will make you love it more.If you don’t love your home then you needed to read it yesterday .Falling in love with your home…wherever you are is a Blessing! Try taking one step at a time and see the difference in your life.


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