Does your child suffer from Acidity?

Most parents will complain that their children vomit following excessive binge eating.Chocolates, chips, cold drinks , ice creams are all implicated.But did you know the reason why these,cause your child to throw up?


These food are often responsible for loosening up the muscular valve that guard the junction between our food pipe and stomach.The lower oesophageal sphincter guards against reflux and back flow of stomach acid into oesophagus.Acidity, acid reflux, Heartburn, GERD they all indicate the same problem

The stomach lining has a special type of coating which is normally protected from injury by the stomach acid.But the food pipe or oesophagus does not have the same protective mechanism.

What is the child’s complain?

Acidity or reflux causes many problems .
Children like adults may complain of sour taste in mouth, burning sensation of throat , something stuck in throat, regurgitation of undigested food materials.

Younger children and infants can present variously with complains related to feeding and respiratory complaints.

The main problem with acidity in children, is identifying the triggers as the child is unable to communicate his/her specific problems.Indirect evidence that is ,feed refusal, irritable behaviour during feeding, undigested food particle in mouth, all will help you identify this problem.

The Answer to the Problem

Just like you , your child will be helped by lifestyle adjustments.
Avoidance of certain food items like chocolate, mint, citrus, chips, fried food, aerated drinks etc. will definitely help control the symptoms. The main problem however ,is making your child agree to such adjustments.

What can You  do?

1)Avoid having those food which cause acidity , in front of children( preferably don’t have them).

2) For older children make them understand that the discomfort due to acidity is due to those particular food, that often helps cut down tantrums.

3) If they still insist , control the amount which they can have, lesser the better.

4) Make them avoid these food at bedtime as lying down will make acid reflux worse.

5) Eat healthier as a family and not just for the child.

6)Make a habit of drinking plenty of water

7) Avoid spicy food as they generally make acidity worse.Indian spices like  lal  mirch,   garam masala, jeera powder all can increase the problem if used in large quanity or too frequently.

8) Make the bedtime at least 3 hours after a main meal.

8) Dinner time should be early to avoid lying down with a full stomach

9) If the baby drinks milk at bedtime try to gradually replace the calories from milk with semisolid or solid food earlier in the evening.A satisfied child who has a full stomach , is more likely to listen to reason than a hungry crabby child.

I have written another detailed article about acid reflux which you can check out at Healthwealthbridge

My baby girl is 3 years old and loves drinking milk at bedtime.For the last one year we saw an increased tendency for regurgitation, after feeds especially on the days she ate certain type of food.Cutting down on the suspected food items helped control her problems.
Your children’s health is in your hand .Be aware and take care.

Acid reflux is not to be ignored .Definitely go through these lifestyle tips here to prevent your child from suffering .


1)Acid Reflux in children

2)Nelson Text Book of Pediatrics


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