Vegetable Container gardening

Vegetable container gardening sounds tough and is actually quite a bit of work.Whatever anyone says container vegetable gardening is a challenge.
My  experience has been  mostly with
Green chillies


Kale in all its glory


My  attempt at garlic


Iceberg lettuce

Lettuce , kale and spinach are very rewarding to grow.They have a shallow root system and can be grown in shallow containers , but need a little bit of surface area.The fresh salad opportunities  from  these leafy greens made my winters wonderful.The sparrows visiting my balcony love nibbling at the lettuce leaves and are the first to  have a taste of the greens.
Winter in Malda where I am currently living is very pleasant and all plants are growing with abundance on my sunny balcony .

My favorite is the tomato …

You can see my baby green tomato peeking from behind the leaves.
Potatoes are easy to grow   but require space.Corander, lettuce, spinach, kale need little care.Tomatoes, Capsicum need plenty of nutrition and mirchi are just too cute.
March , round purple ones, so cute that I just want to stare at them.

More than the taste of the home grown veggies is the satisfaction of making things grow.

I repurpose my old pots ,pans ,bottles and paint them for variety of container options.I try to use metallic or clay pots for edible plants and plastic options strictly for non edible plants.Since plastic has a million year life it’s better to reuse them( rather than dispose them in landfills as traditionally done in many small towns with serious lack of trash disposal options.)

Agriculture is a non glamorous population , but imagine where we would be if all decided to give up Farming! Tending to your little patch
of green makes you realise the hard work behind these delicious veggies.

Container gardening is probably one of my best learning experiences at Malda.Quaint town with many entrepreneurs and option of having a relaxed lifestyle.Life truly gives you opportunities for growth and happiness.What we do with these opportunities, are totally in our hand.


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