Swine flu : diet to follow if you are ill

If you are suffering from swine flu or any type of flu for that matter ,

you need to boost up your immune system to fight the virus and prevent complications.

Diet to fight flu

Start with plenty of fluids throughout the day

Hot fluids, soups etc .The vapours from hot fluids help to clear congestion.

Chicken soup, vegetable soups with ginger garlic, onion, black pepper and seasonal veggies are a must.

Warm up mustard seeds ,wrap them in a clean cloth and inhale fumes.It clears up congestion.

Use natural spices like black pepper, horseradish


Foods that fight flu

Onions, garlic and ginger added to soups  helps by boosting immunity and relieves congestion.

Allicin in garlic has natural antibacterial properties and boosts your immunity , to fight against secondary infections.

Use ginger in herbal teas, with tulsi and honey ..All having properties to thin secretions

Have an amla (Indian gooseberry) a day to keep the flu away.Richest source of Vitamin C helps beat the flu.

Take plenty of fruits , fruit juices rich in Vitamin B, C

Take supplements of VITAMIN  B, C, zinc,  this will help prevent complications.

Make personal hygiene a priority, boost up your immunity and be aware.The 4 pillars of fighting swine flu are public awareness, personal hygiene, vaccination, and timely treatment.Read more about it healthwealthbridge


1)Swine Flu India factsheet: 2015

2)CDC:Preventing Flu




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