Why to start?

Container gardening

With India’s population being 1.27 billion, having your own garden might be more difficult , than travelling to moon.Unless you are among the very rich!
But when there is a will there is a way.
If you have a place to stay you can definitely provide place for a few houseplants too.So start gardening wherever you are.Planting more plants is one way to fight the disturbed ecological balance and get back our green earth.

Start small
Only you know how busy you are.If you are unable to remember to water your plants regularly its important you start with sturdy indoor plants requiring little care and watering.
Once you have been able to keep one plant alive your confidence (and hopefully memory ) will grow and you can be more ambitious.

Must haves before you start your garden
A Pair of gardening gloves
Potting mixture (alternately you can make your own potting mix, will tell you how)
Bone meal, blood meal (sounds a bit gross but essential for plant nutrition especially if you plan ambitious projects with flowering
plants, or edibles)
Fertilizer dry organic variety/liquid variety
All the above (except the gloves)  you can find at your local nursery quite easily.

When to plant what
Local season and climate type very important in planning your garden for it to be successful.
Moon gardening is also a good guide.
Avoid planting off season plants as a beginner.
Plan your garden according to your location.

P.S : Next blog post I will tell you about 6 plants to grow easily in your balcony.

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