New Aquarium Syndrome

Pets for the family
We brought an aquarium few days back.As all parents of preschoolers know, pets are a welcome friend for most kids and mom’s. The question was which One?

Neither me nor my husband are dog or cat lovers. Also allergic rhinitis being a family problem , high shedding pets where a strict no.We like birds but there’s something restrictive about birds in cages and also the shedding problem.We could keep a hamster , fish or a turtle.Decided on fish.

New members
Got a nice moderate sized aquarium with coloured pebbles, fish home, air pump, water filter, heater, and vaastu compliant 9 fishes.8 gold fish and 1 black tiger shark ( that’s what the pet store owner said, though we could not find that name matching with a pic of kaalia anywhere),  currently.

As you can guess Kaalia is the name of the black fish.Our first kaalia died first, followed at varied  frequency  by many of the gold fishes.2 of the fishes are yellow and black spotted gold fish (Ryucki I think) and all others are pure gold regular and fantailed variety. Our new kaalia (the tiger shark) has however turned silver  from grayish  black after 2 weeks in the aquarium.Fairness solution , one wonders.Now we are not 100% vaastu compliant but as God wills, so be It!


                               The new aquarium

Vaastu and the Aquarium

My daughter  is very matter of fact about their passing and often came and informed us if one of them showed signs of falling ill!

It was a good thing that according to vaastu if a fish dies it brings permanent end to one of your problems.So when the fish population dwindled we thanked god for solving our problems.By the time about 80% of our majority initial stock got replaced, I was tired of shooting in the dark with regards to fish health .

I insisted on buying a master test kit for water PH, ammonia, nitrate etc ,as all aquarium experts suggested.No such was however found  in our local aquarium stores.So guess what , I went online ( obviously) and found the API Master freshwater aquarium test kit priced at only Rs 2500 (approx).
My husband is quite a generous man and rarely says no to any of my hobby expenses.But in this case he suggested that since the test kit was a recurrent cost, and buying new fish ( to maintain the number 9) was also a recurrent expense , logically the cheaper and easier expense should be considered.Interesting viewpoint no doubt.Reluctantly I agreed as most of the aquarium hard work(including fishing out the lost souls ) was done by my hubby.I am generally more involved in the research and concept part of the work and love managing work
We are feeding them once a day.Changing 25% of the water every 7
days, oxygenating the water, using a water filter, water heater, talking to them ,everything suggested.Research continues.Let me know if you
have any tips to improve survival.
Anyway pending work on the aquarium includes aquatic backdrop picture, foreground glass painting (?), aquatic real plants (not sure we can keep them alive)  and improving health of the fishes..
It’s definitely easier treating humans and thank god for much better survival.God is kind!
Take care and stay healthy.


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