New wordpress blog

I have some news for my friends at wordpress.I have just started my  new self  hosted blog at. “, with the inspiring name” Help when you need life to live”.New journey , lots of challenges, steep learning curve, and some days are specially difficult.
I really wanted to explore the bloggers world and wordpress is like a true friend , helping us in all possible ways.Its extraordinary how much  effort they have put into everything, free or paid.Makes one realize that anything worth doing is worth doing well.

While growing up I always wanted to be a doctor .Once I became a doctor I wanted a secure job in a Govt. Medical College, with a possibilty

My new website

of a private practice eventually.Once these goals were acheived and we were blessed with a daughter my focus  in life somewhat changed perspective.I still wanted to explore new horizons professionally, but realized the actual physical restrictions of geography and time.I started thinking about doing something online , but the actual method eluded me till  I came upon  the sitehttp:// .Matt Smith actually tries to give you a blueprint to get started and the rest is destiny.
In my new self hosted blog I plan to discuss all health topics which seem to be important  for a healthy lifestyle .Since ‘health is wealth’, thats one way of saving some hard earned money.I also plan to answer any medical queries my blogger friends may have  .Will keep on updating news about my new website.
Take care and stay happy!

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