GREEN TEA….Love this and loose the love handles

Green tea helps to boost metabolism and kick start the fat burning rate.Derived from Camellia sinensis the same parent as black tea and white tea , it has more goodness than the former and less pricey than the latter.Catechins the antioxidants in green tea help in accelerating our BMR.Antioxidant are nutrition superheroes with benefits ranging from anticancer to antiageing.L

Green tea it

ower the processing process of tea higher its antioxidant concentration.
Benefits of green tea:
Relaxes and calms the mind
The benefit of antioxidants on bloodvessels , heart and brain; lowers risk of heart diseases, hypertension, CVA, Alzheimer’s disease and many others
Sapping sugary drinks for green tea helps to decrease calorie content, lower blood sugar; helps beat diabetes, helps to loose weight the healthy way
Must know:
Dont add green tea to boiling water, about 80degree celsius is right to brew it, otherwise it becomes too bitter and the anti oxidants are destroyed.
Add lemon, ginger:vitaminC in lemon helps to absorb the Catechins, and ginger increases the supergoodness of green tea
Dont add milk to it, catechins are  destroyed  and benefits are lost
Though green tea is a great way to sip our way to a healthy heart and life, dont forget to excercise , sleep, drink plenty of water , eat healthy, think positive and be happy
P.S Will soon share the health plan by which I lost my Post pregnancy weight

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