Health and happiness ..must do for the festivals

During festivals we all want to have loads of fun, snack all we want, spend money to our hearts content.But the post festivities hangover involves both our physical and financial health.
Best way to beat those blues is to have a plan beforehand to enjoy uninhibited. What I generally do is keep some money stashed away each month as a PUJA fun budget which will take care of all the shopping and eating out without strain.
For the health part , I generally drink plenty of water, try to get a good nights sleep (as much as possible with a toddler in tow ) and just being grateful for God’s blessing .
Life is really too short for regret and we all just need to do whatever it takes to do our part in making the world a better place.
And as a doctor I can say I generally take a single dose of Pantoprazole with Domperidone to take care preemptively of any issues that my arise due to the festival special binging:)


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